On Mental, Verbal and Physical Fitness

As a person who is plagued with an abundance of words continuously itching to escape, many of which have gotten me into trouble more frequently than I would like to recount, I was particularly taken by this article in the Yoga Journal.  The article is written by noted author and meditation teacher Sally Kempton and is titled “Mindful Speaking”.  Click on the link to read the article.  It may give you some food for thought.  It certainly did for me.  The article emphasizes the power of negative speech, probably because so many of us (myself emphatically included) often fall prey to this quagmire without even realizing it.  But by extension, it is equally clear that “right” speech can generate uplifting vibrations that may help to raise all consciousness, including our own.

Vibrations in and of themselves are an interesting phenomenon.  There are some physicists and philosophers who speculate that everything is composed of vibrations.  They resonate at varying frequencies giving them unique properties that may or may not be visible, penetrable or even detectable to humans.  Following this concept opens the mind to all kinds of possibilities.

Another great little article from the Yoga Journal reminds us of the miracle of the human body.  We each have over 600 muscles in our bodies and each one of them contributes to every move we make.  If you did any snow shovelling today, you may be feeling all of them!  But we also need to keep them all functioning and able to do their jobs.  The article reminds us that we can’t isolate any one of them when we exercise.  That’s the beauty of yoga and Pilates.  Both disciplines help you work all of your muscles, simply and efficiently based on your own body and ability.  And they even bring in that particularly large muscle in your head – your brain.    Your mind can work for you or against you.  The choice is yours.  Let it work for you this week as you help keep all your muscles operational. Every effort you make – even if it seems small – is a valuable contribution.

Think of your body as an instrument and movement as tuning your vibrations to generate optimum positive energy.  The mental energy you expend generates vibrations also.  As the vibrations move out like ripples on water your own positive movement and energy can have an impact on everything around you.   Choose wisely.  But don’t fret if you think you got it wrong.  Every moment offers a new opportunity to turn things around.

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