Just a few reflections from the past couple of weeks:

     I was talking to a potential new class participant recently and she expressed a fear that it was something new and she would look silly trying to perform in class.  In case any of you have similar fears, here is one of my responses:
     First of all, class is not about “performance”, but leaving that aside let me just say that all of us started somewhere – myself included!  None of us knew what to do the first time we came to a class.  When we took that plunge and showed up, though, we did discover that – surprise, surprise! – no one else cared.  One of the goals of a Pilates or Yoga class is for each practitioner to learn about themselves and how their own body works.  That way you can learn how to mindfully move through your life and avoid injury.  Class time is a time for each of us to focus on ourselves.  With all the attention we give to others, it’s a rare and valuable experience to be able to focus on ourselves.  No matter how busy your life is right now, there is always a way to take an hour or so for yourself.  All those you take care of will be glad you did!
     Remember, too, the best way to learn something new is to show up and start.  It may take a few tries to find out what works (or doesn’t work!) for you, but there is no right or wrong way.  There is only what works best for you today.
And –

     If you’re still feeling full from Thanksgiving, now is a great time to renew your committment to yourself and come to a class!  Why wait until January 1?  There is no time like the present.  This is a busy time of year which can also be stressful.  We put lots of pressure on ourselves to do too many things.  During this season of giving, remember to include yourself on your gift list.  A Pilates or Yoga class can be considered an investment in yourself – one that will certainly reap rewards – both mental and physical!  Making the decision is the first step.  After that the only hard part is getting out of bed.  Once you’re up, the rest is easy.  Just come and do what you can.  Not only will you be glad, but those around you will be too.
Finally –
     The holidays can be a magical time, but sometimes difficult, too.  Family tensions can emerge, incentives to over-indulge are pervasive and often the comfort of our daily routines can be thrown off in a disconcerting way.  It’s good that Thanksgiving comes first because it can help to remind ourselves to give thanks throughout the holiday season.  Despite whatever challenges we are facing today, we all still have much to be grateful for even in the darkest times.  In this month’s Yoga Journal, people were asked “What saying or mantra always shifts your perspective?”  Here are a few of the responses that were chosen:
  • All is well.
  • I am enough.  I do enough.  I have enough.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Thank you.
  • (inhale) Let (exhale) go.
I’m sure you could all add to this list.  Hopefully we can all remember to take the time to breathe and be grateful whenever stress starts to get to us.
Happy Holidays to all!

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